So, what is Blue Monday?

You may have seen the hype today about the so called “Blue Monday” and the associated hashtag cropping up left, right and centre but what exactly is it?

It’s a term thought up as part of a marketing campaign from a travel company and first launched back in 2005. Working alongside psychologist Dr Chris Arnall, a non-scientific formula was produced which takes into account a variety of variables including the weather, the amount of time since Christmas, debt and the time since failing our New Year’s resoloution – it’s not particularly motivating but here it is:

What does Blue Monday mean for us?

Well, Blue Monday does gain momentum in the press with the associated stories generally being quite grey and depressive.  As a consumer some larger brands will offer deals, with travel companies such as Easyjet launching Blue Monday sales.

For smaller businesses however, it gives you an opportunity to interact with your customers and followers. You may choose to offer an incentive to shop, or a competition. Or like us, just embrace the concept and go blue for the day! We’ve taken it with a pinch of salt and have changed our logo from yellow to blue. If you have any thoughts, we do have a poll going on over on our instagram stories and we’d love to hear your thoughts.

It is certainly food for thought and there are many of these named days each and every month. Did you know its national sticker day coming up? We’ll leave you to decide if that is relevant to your business…

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