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We’re Wonky, a creative marketing agency delivering design, marketing and digital consultancy to rapidly growing brands and start-ups across the South of England. Growing companies need support and demand results, and that’s what we deliver. Day-in, day-out.

At Wonky, we think and do a little differently to other agencies. Actually, scrap that. We do things wonkily. We like to think that we’ve totally flipped the traditional relationship between a marketing agency and a client on its head.

What exactly does ‘Wonky’ even mean?

Well, for us it means everything. From the way we work and who we work with, to the services we offer. It doesn’t mean we’ll deliver you lopsided websites or crooked brochures (although we can if you really want us to!). It means even if you’re a marketing newbie, or your website is lopsided, we can offer you an out of the ordinary approach, fresh perspectives and a promise to help straighten things out and free up your time.

Above all, we believe in pushing boundaries and achieving growth for all of our clients. Our Wonky approach, combined with a unique blend of marketing and technical expertise, means we gain a full 360 degree understanding of your business, and get you on your way to growing bigger and better!

A bit about where we came from…

We started way back in 2007, not as Wonky but as the hipster-like sounding Yamoose. Back then, we were purely website design and creative. In a hugely vast market, what helped us stand out was our friendly, simple and no-nonsense approach: small brands and business could work directly with our designers without getting lost in all that marketing ‘jargon’.

In 2017, we re-branded to Wonky and it’s at this point that things are really starting to take off. We’ve learned that new and growing brands are on the boom, but they often don’t have (or can’t justify) the in-house marketing expertise or knowledge to engage their audience and guarantee future success.

In simple terms, we’ve evolved from a one-person website and creative design business, to a full service digital and creative agency.

Why we’re the best partner for your marketing…

We’re experienced

With over 40 years experience, we’re pretty good at doing what we do! That’s over 83,200 hours of marketing blood, sweat and tears!

We’re proven

We’re already helping companies to grow bigger and better. We’ve built more than 50 websites to date, that’s a staggering 500,000 lines of code!

We’re wonky

We’re wonky: unlike traditional agencies, you don’t need a marketing department, or to know about marketing, to work with us and get results.

We’re partners

We’re a marketing agency that gets to the heart of your business and we make it our own. We work with you, not for you – a true extension at the heart of your business and invested in your success.

We understand

We’ve worked with lots of growing brands and start-ups – so we truly understand the challenges you face and how to work with you to drive the best results for your business

We deliver

They say the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Well, our existing clients have done just that, and love working with us as their marketing agency – see for yourself.

The Wonky team…

We believe that an agency is driven by it’s people and the personalities held within. Below are the great people that make The Wonky Agency what it is today.

  • Matt

    A creative and digital monkey

Some of our clients

what our clients say…

  • Thank you for a great service. Unlike our previous developers, your service has been second to none.

  • We are busy people, and just didn't have the time or know-how to use marketing to support and evolve the business. The Wonky Agency delivered us a plan, produced the tools needed to enact that plan, and are now helping us use these to focus our sales efforts, grow the business and strengthen our position in the market. We'd highly recommend you give them a try.

    Helen Corney Axillium, General Manager
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